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Tree Trimming

Scheduling regular trimming or pruning services is considered an essential step in improving or maintaining the
health of the trees in a yard. When the health of a tree is improved, it can prolong its lifespan by a number of

Trimming or pruning trees improves the health of the tree by:
Increasing air circulation.
Reducing the possibility the tree will contact certain diseases.
Removing dead or unhealthy branches/limbs.
Helping plants under the tree receive enough sunlight to grow and provide essential nutrients to the tree.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is only used as a last resort when the tree is so damaged or diseased that it can’t be saved. We try
to save as many trees as possible, but that is not always possible.

Our experienced staff works closely with a certified arborist to determine if a tree needs to be removed or if other services can be used to help improve the health of the tree so that is will flourish and grow.
Call MR Tree Service Tree Service today to learn more about our tree trimming and removal services or to
request a consultation with our certified arborist to assess a current landscaping situation.

Tree Pruning

Pruning is a horticultural practice that alters the form and growth of a plant.
Based on aesthetics and science, pruning can also be considered preventive maintenance.
Many problems may be prevented by pruning correctly during formative years for a tree or shrub.

Reasons for pruning
• Prune to promote plant health
Prune to maintain plants; intended purposes in a landscape, such as:
• Encouraging flower and fruit development
• Maintaining a dense hedge
• Maintaining a desired plant form or special garden forms
• Prune to improve plant appearance
• Prune to protect people and property

Note: For security purposes, prune shrubs or tree branches that obstruct the entry to your home

Stump Grinding

We turn your unwanted stumps into useful mulch. Specializing in grinding stumps makes us the low-cost alternative to Tree Companies.

Trash Removal

We’ll Take Care of Your Yard Waste So You Don’t Have To. We know how hard you work to make your yard look its best. Let us help you finish the job with effortless yard waste disposal.

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Not every tree is perfect. Tree cabling and bracing is necessary when your tree has weak branches and/or multiple stems. Cables can be inserted into the upper crown of your tree to limit the movement of any and all supported branches so they do not become damaged during storms.


Some trees need annual trimming to keep them compact. Others need occasional shaping to correct storm damage, and some need little help during their lifetimes.

Mature trees that have been shaped properly in their youth seldom need trimming to shape, but when trees have lost branches in storms or grown faster on one side due to root damage, the remaining branches can be reduced to re-shape the tree.
Shaping will also help keep trees that grow in shady areas compact.

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